Tasting: Tomatin 1991 21 years by C&S

Tomatin 1991 21 years by C&SDram data:
Distillery: Tomatin
Bottler: C&S dram collection
Distilled: 05.06.1991
Bottled: 17.01.2013
Age: 21 years
Limitation: single cask
Casks: Sherry butt 12488
Alcohol: 55,7%
Unchillfiltered, uncoloured
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Tasting notes:
light gold
The nose is rather light on the first sniff, but it’s a few years old, so let’s set the glass aside for a couple of minutes. 10 minutes later: Ah! That’s better! Mmmmmhhhh… old, aged whisky in its best years, balance between subtle cask influence and spirit character. A tropical fruit cocktail served on an oak platter, malt extract, lychee juice, dried apricots, ripe grapes just about to start fermenting, condensed orange juice, oak sap with fine spices (bay leaves, cinnamon), a hint of sandal wood and… Irn Bru! … . The palate starts slightly fizzy with an oak and spices infused mouth-coating tropical fruitiness – tinned tropical fruits in fructose syrup but not overly sweet, just a tad! Dried apricots, oranges, thick grape juice, raisins, dried pineapple pieces, lychee and Kiwi kernels. Everything’s packed neatly into a wholesome taste experience, well-rounded and of a proper aged character that only time in the cask can give to the spirit. The long finish is thick, oily and juicy upon swallowing with mixed tropical fruits paired with molasses, malt, citrus fruits and a well-measured dose of oak spices and -sap with the woody and malty aspects lingering on.

A very nice Tomatin at 21 years of age – a very good age for a single malt and bottled at a stage where you get a nice balance of oak and fruity distillery character. There are still bottles of this around for 70€ – almost a bargain in today’s market…

Score: 87/100
(Nose: 88 Palate: 86 Finish: 86)

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