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Carsebridge 1982 33 years Single Grain Whisky by The Grainman

Tasting: Carsebridge 1982 33 years Single Grain Whisky by The Grainman

Carsebridge 1982 33 years Single Grain Whisky by The GrainmanDram data:
Distillery: Carsebridge
Bottler: The Grainman / Meadowside Blending
Distilled: 1982
Bottled: March 2016
Age: 33 years
Limitation: 258 bottles
Casks: Bourbon 74679
Alcohol: 48,9%
uncoloured/not chill filtered
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Ah, an old Grain whisky from a distillery that closed in the early 80s when more whisky was made than consumed. Let’s see if shedding a tear for the closure of this grain spirit production plant is warranted …

Tasting notes:
 dark straw
The nose starts off very well! Grainy goodness! We’ve got a hint of alcohol mixed with vanilla, cornflakes, hubba bubba, burnt molasses, caramel, all stored in grandma’s old oak spice cupboard. Not overly complex, which was to be expected, yet very entertaining and “old enough”. If there’s one thing grain whisky needs to shine on its own then it’s a good refill cask and lots and lots of time. This seems to have had both!  Let’s move on to the palate!  Continue reading

Invergordon 27 years 1988-2015 by Maltbarn

Tasting: Invergordon 27 years 1988-2015 by Maltbarn

Invergordon 27 years 1988-2015 by MaltbarnDram data:
Distillery: Invergordon
Bottler: Maltbarn
Distilled: 1988
Bottled: 2015
Age: 27 years
Limitation: 132 bottles
Casks: Ex-Bourbon
Alcohol: 51.3%
unchillfiltered and uncoloured
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Tasting notes:
light gold
The nose opens on a surprisingly light note for the age of the whisky, but then again spirit intended for blending (as this Invergordon probably was destined for) is sometimes even matured in 5th-fill casks. Let’s delve deeper. A slight spirity note, fresh wheat, citrus, breakfast cereals, lemon rind, fresh ginger, ginger in syrup, white pepper, a hint of cloves, cake icing with lemon juice, unripe gooseberries. Continue reading

Tasting: Invergordon 2006 7y by Whiskybroker

Invergordon 2006 by WhiskybrokerDram data:
Distillery: Invergordon
Bottler: Whiskybroker
Distilled: 25.06.2006
Bottled: 10.04.2014
Age: 7
Limitation: 192 bottles
Casks: Hogshead 901117, finished in 50l Oloroso Octaves
Alcohol: 50%
Unchillfiltered, natural colour
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Tasting notes:
Dark Amber
The nose is… well, what is this beast? Definitely a grain whisky nose, not too much corn sweetness, so I guess mostly wheat. But there’s more. As if it were a half and half mixture of grain whisky and Oloroso sherry..   Continue reading