Tasting: Macallan 1990 by Whiskybroker

macallan_1990 Spirit whiskybrokerDram data:

Distillery: Macallan
Bottler: Whiskybroker.co.uk
Distilled: 23.01.1990
Bottled: 05.03.2013
Age: 23
Limitation: ?
Price at the time of purchasing: – (sample)
Casks: Hogshead
Alcohol: 34,9%
Uncoloured & Unchillfiltered
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Tasting notes:
Colour: Dark straw. The nose is rather funny – my first impression was one of rather old, stuffed cupboard – I guess that’s the influence of the cask which let this dram slip under the 40% mark. Not much alcohol influence (unsurprisingly). A few herbs coming through, a bit of malt and cereals in the background – but not too sweet. On the palate I get an initial sour impression on the tongue (think sour wine gums mixed into stale wine). Very flat and clearly missing some alcohol. A second sip brings out bitter oak notes coating tongue and teeth. More kitchen herbs with hints of sweetness in the background. The finish is medium long, throat-coating. Slightly sour, malty with notes of old oak lingering for quite a bit.


Well… this was an experiment and I’m glad I didn’t get a whole bottle, only a sample. “Quite insightful” is probably the most pleasant thing I can say about it. Insightful because it’s not often you get to taste a dram from a cask which has slipped (way) below the 40%ABV mark which is needed for the booze to be called whisky by the definition of the law, technically making this a liqueur. What has happened to this cask? I’d really love to know. The end result… well… old stuffed cupboard with sour wine gums. An interesting and important experience nonetheless. Do keep in mind though: This has nothing to do with the usual official or independently bottled Macallans out there.
Should you get a bottle? Well… yes – to share it amongst friends or a whisky club as a novelty for educational purposes! Thanks to Martin (whiskybroker.co.uk) for having the guts and bottling this Macallan independently – and I can assure you his usual bottlings of fine malts are much, much better than this!


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