Tasting: Hazelburn 2002-2014 12y by Cadenhead’s

Hazelburn 12 Cadenhead'sDram data:
Distillery: Springbank (special unpeated triple distillation)
Bottler: Cadenhead’s
Distilled: 2002
Bottled: July 2014
Age: 12
Limitation: 294 bottles
Cask: Bourbon Hogshead
Alcohol: 54,1%
Unchillfiltered, natural colour
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Tasting notes:
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The nose exhibits the same base character like the official 12-year-old Hazelburn I just tasted prior to this, but with a lot more cask influence. A light and fragrant base with notes of citrus, orange juice, orange oil, grapefruit, pepper, ginger and a dash of brine. Due to the pronounced cask influence the caramel sweetness is more of a burnt caramel with vanilla- and chocolate pudding, brazil- and walnuts. Very well-integrated alcohol despite the 54,1% bottling strength. The palate is oily, waxy. A rich mixture of sweetness with the light, citrussy Hazelburn fruits. I can definitely see what made them bottle this cask on its own. Initially a tad sharp on the alcohol, but so mouth-watering I can literally keep it in my mouth for minutes. Burnt yet sweet caramel, dried plums, chocolate cake, orange juice and oils, lots of cask spices but not woody at all. I cannot detect the signature Springbank saltiness on the palate, but that’s probably due to the very strong cask. The long finish is intense, oily, warming, caramel sweet with cask spices yet with a citrus lightness.

Oh yes, this one has me grinning all over my face – it is right up my alley. A nose I can smell for ages, a palate which doesn’t want me to swallow the liquid goodness for a long time and when I finally do it lasts. I really like this intense and flavourful triple distilled Campbeltown malt from a very active bourbon hogshead. The only problem with it is that it’s most likely sold out already – at least in Austria there are no bottles left, I asked…

Score: 90/100
(Nose: 91 Palate: 90 Finish: 89)

Sample kindly provided by the Cadenhead’s Salzburg store.

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